Pets Alive to open a new animal shelter in the Caribbean


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Rob Thomas and Marisol Thomas

Rob Thomas and Marisol Thomas

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Pets Alive is a no-kill animal shelter located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The charity rescues animals in need be they victims of abuse, violence, neglect or simply that they’ve been rejected by other charities or shelters.

The shelter takes in dogs, cats farm animals birds and whole host of other creatures. Rob and Marisol Thomas are avid supports of Pets Alive and have donated huge time and resource to the cause.

Recently reports have come in that Pets Alive is off the Caribbean, with board members (including Marisol) taking the trip to the island next month to look for new properties to be the future home of their new sanctuary for dogs. Future plans include opening a B’n’B for volunteers.

Money for the land purchase has come from a $125,000 grant from Rob and Marisol Thomas – Making Rob and Mari the charities largest benefactors.