Are There Angels Among Us?


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Sidewalk Angels

Sidewalk Angels

Are there really “angels among us” as described in the classic Christmas song made famous by the country band Alabama? Well, the Sidewalk Angels Foundation,, clearly has been able to make quite a positive impact due to the dedication of co-founders of Grammy winning songwriter/ musician Rob Thomas and his beautiful wife Marisol.

This past year over $600,000 was raised thanks to donations to the foundation and proceeds from the Rob Thomas Summer Acoustic Tour. These funds are making it possible for the Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, The Tunica Humane Society, and the Last Chance Animal organizations to have their own facilities. Manos por Patas (Hands for Paws) will also be able to utilize these funds to help abused and injured animals in Puerto Rico.

The Blythdale Children’s Hospital of Valhalla, New York is also being helped by Sidewalk Angels, and will now be able to build a new wing. The House of Charity will be able to continue to provide housing and hot meals to the homeless in downtown Minneapolis.

But that’s not all. A Sidewalk Angels tee and thumb drive was included for auction by Hollywood Baskets for the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards.

In addition, the first every Dubli Auction raised over $1,000. Rob has also provided support to the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, which was able to raise over $8.5 this past October, and Live Earth. This November Rob is releasing a New York Christmas USB Wristband for charity as well.

So are there really angels among us? Yes, we believe there really are, and the Sidewalk Angels Foundation created by Rob and Marisol Thomas is living proof.

–Dr. Jeanne Kuhler