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BT Digital Music Awards 2011, Vote for the best fan site

Yet another opportunity for you to train your fingers ladies & gentlemen, MB20 Fans, associates, desirable and undesirables, bored housewives, Rob Thomas, whoever is reading this – yes YOU, YOU, looking at the screen right now, WE NEED YOUR HELP! This is your chance to VOTE for Matchbox Twenty Plus in the People’s choice category of the 2011 BT Digital Music Awards. Matchbox Twenty Plus has been nominated for a people’s choice award for best artist fan site. Don’t forger you can VOTE ONCE PER DAY, so keep going back each day to register a new vote :-).

We’re up against some stiff competition from the likes of Muse, Madonna and Michael Jackson, but with a great big community push, We’re confident we can win in support of Matchbox Twenty, who otherwise might not be represented at an event such as this.

In the 8 years since Matchbox Twenty Plus launched, we’ve become the go to place for all of your Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas news, and the Matchbox Twenty Plus team, regular visitors, readers and contributors have built a great place to come and meet other matchbox twenty fans and find out the latest gossip about the new Matchbox Twenty album.

So if you want to support our site and get us into the number one spot, click the vote now button left and register your vote for Matchbox Twenty Plus. Every Vote Counts! And don’t forget to send the link to your friends, families, facebook groups and communities and tweet the link to all your followers on twitter!! Let’s Do it!!!

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