Rob Thomas & Santana – Part II – It’s ON!


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Rob Thomas and Santana

Rob Thomas and Santana

Those of you who read the last post about the new Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana will be excited to learn, ITS ON! Rock superstar Carlos Santana is set to release another star studded album similar to Supernatural which achieved worldwide success in no small part due to it’s lead single “Smooth” on which Santana collaborated with Matchbox Twenty’s very own Rob Thomas. The new album will include many covers of songs by some of the most influential rock groups of our time including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

We’re not sure when the album will be released but we have learned that Rob Thomas will be collaborating with Santana on the song “Sunshine of Your Love” originally made famous by Cream.

One things for sure, it’s sure to be a huge success, though one wonders if anything will ever be able to match the phenomenon that was Smooth.