MB20 and Rob’s Techie Side


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Rob Thomas Tweets to Fans

Rob Thomas Tweets to Fans

Now that I’ve sufficiently given you a few serious posts, I thought I’d take a look at the lighter and more techie side of the band because, as we all know, they are very fun people as well!
One thing I’ve noticed happening all around is that there have been more technological advances in many forms than ever before. Let’s face it, people are enjoying using social networks and media in so many forms so they are here to stay. Among other pieces of creative genius that members of MB20 seem to possess, knowing and using these technologies is also one of their strong suits. I mean, each of us can feel like we really connect with the band through reading about them not only on their website and this one but through their own tweets & Facebook status’s too. It’s like having them in our pocket!
I’m right up there with so many of you. I’m on Twitter, Facebook and I attempt my efforts with writing way too many blogs. Simply put, it’s actually a blast to connect with people we know and even those we don’t. So, Rob and the band have amazed me because they seem to always sense the importance of connecting with not only the audience when they perform but after the show as well. Now, one way that can happen is through these social mediums and even many more than what I have listed here.
As I enjoyed these YouTube video’s when I found them, about the interesting ways Rob is using social media to connect, I thought you might too.

Rob Thomas on Twitter:

Mobile community: