Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas has announced the release of his second solo album… Presenting “Cradlesong” By Rob Thomas!


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I managed to catch up with Matchbox Twenty during their last gig in London, where rob was pleased to tell me his new album was due for release some time in 2009, and he was about half way through it. Well since then much has been going on in solo land, and internet sources are leaking a tentative album title “Cradle Songs” – i doubt that’ll stick, his first album “Something to be” was originally called “So Much For Dancing” – a much snappier title in my opinion. So we’re likely to see a wealth of new material as he’s been working on it whilst touring with Matchbox, and hopefully not to many “cradle songs” – we want funky hip shaking Rob!

It’s likely we’ll see the rest of Matchbox go back into the studio while Rob is touring, and he’ll hook up with them later to finish off the next record.. we’ll keep you very, very posted!

In the mean time, fire your web browser over to for an interview with Rob about his new album….