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In the 8 years since Matchbox Twenty Plus has been online, (Now that seems crazy!) I have naturally accumulated heaps of Matchbox Twenty Pictures from live shows, photo shoots, album covers, press shots and the list goes on, some I’ve been given by other Matchbox Twenty fans, and some i’ve found littered across the internet. It’s awesome seeing how the band has changed.

Tabitha’s Secret Pictures

First came Tabitha’s Secret, lead by a pimple covered, slightly chubby Rob Thomas in a rain-mac four times bigger than he was, supported by a short skinny drummer with 80’s circular tinted shades, a long haired version of Pookie and two former band mates.

Matchbox Twenty Pictures

Later followed the woodshed diaries, renamed, Yourself Or Someone Like You – featuring pictures of Rob, Kyle, Paul, Pookie and Adam wearing more eye make up than a burlesque dancing cabaret, and with the release of Mad Season came lots of photographs in perculiar blue settings, lots of peacocks and the leather pants… those tight… tight, black leather pants. 2003 brought a little maturity, and we saw a more serious group of men, most of the eye make up had vanished and matchbox twenty pictures featured the band looking more like seasoned rockers who’ve been in the game long enough to no better than to parade around in leather pants clutching peacocks, but whilst the outfits and the hair, and the eye make up had all been scaled back – with kyle going completely bald. But with the band looking more sensible, it seemed the locations had become a little more obscure, with a new love of grungey dank walls.. unusual man sized boxes.. and… … fields?? – perhaps that’s why the leather pants didn’t come back out, Rob probably didn’t want them to get dirty leaning on all those filthy walls and trapsing through all those muddy fields…

Who would you trust with your candy?

Who would you trust with your candy?

With Exile on Mainstream came a slew of more artistic Matchbox Twenty Pictures, mainly black and white featuring a rather short haired Rob Thomas following his Solo look, and we saw Kyle Cook possibly taking inspiration for his new do from Johnny Depp in Willy Wonker and The Chocolate Factory…

And so for 2011, we’ll soon be seeing the latest Matchbox Twenty Pictures, will it be another feast of mad season-esk obscurity or will we see the artistic tones of Exile On Mainstream coming through? What Matchbox Twenty Picture timezone is your favorite? Take a look at the pictures below through the years and have you’re vote.

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