Matchbox Twenty gives Mix a Radio Interview about the new Matchbox 20 Album


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Kyle Spills the Beans

Kyle Spills the Beans

Matchbox Twenty will be going into the studio next week to record their new album and the MB20 boys have been pretty vocal about it on the social blogosphere. Not in the least, mr Kyle Cook who has been regularly tweeting his followers about it, answering questions and retweeting MB20 lover’s feelings about the new album.

Hot off the mark was Mix 94.1’s Heather Collins, who decided to tweet the Matchbox Twenty guitarist the Radio Station’s phone number to see if he would call in to talk about the new album, and to her suprise.. HE DID!

The audio from the interview is available on the Mix 94.1 website – you can listen to it here

Really well done to Heather for maximising an opportunity and getting Matchbox Twenty fans some new album information!