Interview with Rob Thomas… FROM 1998?!!


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Rob Thomas Interview

Rob Thomas Interview

So i just found this randomly floating in cyberspace.. and thought it would be of interest to you guys…

Rob Thomas’s charismatic stage presence and catchy tunes have made Matchbox 20 the music biz’s latest greatest stars. Backed by Kyle Cook on lead guitar, Adam Gaynor on rhythm guitar, Brian Yale on bass and Paul Doucette on drums, Thomas and company have been the mainstay of dozens of American and European festivals this summer. Despite a never-ending world-tour schedule, Thomas seemed far from tired when NY Rock’s Gabriella recently met up with him. Rather, she found him in a brilliant mood, enjoying success to the max…

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It’s really strange to read that, and imagine that they had just broken onto the music scene… little did Rob know just how far he’d go.