From American idols to American legends – Rob Thomas’ Collaborations


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Rob Thomas & Willie Nelson

Rob Thomas & Willie Nelson

So, I was sorting my CD’s the other night and I found an old compilation of all the songs Rob has written for/with other people. After having a good listen, I figured it maybe something you guys want take a look at and go listen too. As with everything Rob does, it’s a mix of rock, country and latin. From American idols to American legends it’s a hell of a list!

Willie Nelson:

Rob wrote three songs on Willies 2002 record ‘The Great Divide’. They include ‘Recollection Phoenix’, ‘You Won’t Catch Me Cryin’’ and the single that Rob sings on ‘Maria (Shut Up & Kiss Me)’. You should also check out the video! Rob stars as a barman alongside Luke Wilson.

Mick Jagger:

Rob, along with Matt Clifford (Jagger’s keyboard player) and Jaggar himself, co-wrote ‘Visions Of Paradise’ on the 2001 album ‘Goddess in the Doorway’.

Marc Anthony:

Rob hooked Marc up with the groovetastic Latin number ‘Tragedy’ for his album ‘Mended’ in 2002.

Pat Green:

In 2004 Rob co-wrote ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘My Little Heaven’ with country star Pat Green on his album ‘Lucky Ones’.

Taylor Hicks

American Idol winner Taylor Hicks enlisted Robs song writing skills for his debut album in 2006. Rob wrote ‘Dream Myself Awake’.

Travis Tritt:

Rob and Travis co-wrote ‘What If Love Hangs On’ for Tritts 2007 album ‘The Storm’.


Rob and Chris co-wrote an unreleased song ‘You’re In My Hands’. However, the song is played live by Daughtry.


Along with the obvious hit ‘Smooth’ – which he co-wrote with Ital Shur for the ’99 phenomena ‘Supernatural’ – Rob co-wrote ‘Nothing At All’ (Musiq) and wrote ‘You Are My Kind’ (Seal), on the 2002 album ‘Shaman’. He also co-wrote ‘My Man’ (Big Boi feat. Mary J Blige) on 2005’s ‘All That I Am’.

If I’ve missed anything let me know!