Another Fantastic Cover of Mockingbird


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Ryan Knorr (Photo from his official website)

Ryan Knorr

Cradlesong is another one of Rob’s albums that contains a lot of brilliant songwriting. The lyrics along with the music truly speak to me and Mockingbird is no exception to that rule as it has become one of my favorites off of this latest RT album. So, I as I was looking it up to listen to once again I came across another fantastic cover on YouTube sung by Ryan Knorr. Ryan has a lot of covers, including 3 am, but I think this is one of his best. The lyrics are poignant as ever and the melody of piano comes through beautifully. It is truly wonderful to listen to and lends to the impression that not only is Knorr an upcoming talent but Rob has once again created a timeless song that will last in our minds even as it is sung by others.


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