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Matchbox Twenty Lyrics;  Browse Matchbox Twenty lyrics by album in the list below; you’ll find the Lyrics to all matchbox twenty songs from Yourself or Someone Like You, Mad Season, More than You Think You Are, EP and their new greatest hits album: Exile on Mainstream. All Lyrics have been written by Rob Thomas & Matchbox Twenty. If you find a mistake please get in touch and we’ll update the lyrics and credit you with the update.

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Exile on Mainstream Album Cover

Matchbox Twenty Lyrics – Exile on Mainstream

Recorded in Atlanta, Nashville & New York | Produced by Steve Lillywhite & Matt Serletic
Music Videos: How Far We’ve Come | These Hard Times

Exile on Mainstream was released in 2007 and is Matchbox Twenty’s Fourth Studio album, technically a greatest hits album, but it did feature 6 brand new songs produced by Steve Lillywhite. The album was released exactly 11 years and 1 day since the release of the band’s debut album Yourself or Someone Like You.

  1. How Far We’ve Come Lyrics
  2. I’ll Believe You When Lyrics
  3. All Your Reasons Lyrics
  4. These Hard Times Lyrics
  5. If I Fall Lyrics
  6. Can’t Let You Go Lyrics
  7. Come Dancing Lyrics
  8. Long Day Lyrics
  9. Push Lyrics
  10. 3 A.M Lyrics
  11. Real World Lyrics
  12. Back 2 Good Lyrics
  13. Bent Lyrics
  14. If You’re Gone Lyrics
  15. Mad Season Lyrics
  16. Disease Lyrics
  17. Unwell Lyrics
  18. Bright Lights Lyrics

EP Album Cover

Matchbox Twenty Lyrics – EP

Produced by Matt Serletic
Music Videos: Push | If You’re Gone |

MB20’s EP was released shortly before Matchbox Twenty’s Live DVD – Show a Night in The Life of Matchbox Twenty, and was seen as a celebration of Matchbox Twenty’s Live performances.

  1. Crutch (Live) Lyrics
  2. Push (Live) Lyrics
  3. All I Need (Live) Lyrics
  4. If You’re Gone (Live) Lyrics
  5. Disease (Acoustic) Lyrics
  6. Suffer Me Lyrics

More Than You Think You Are Album Cover

Matchbox Twenty Lyrics – More Than You Think You Are

Recorded in Bearsville, New York and New York City | Produced by Steve Matt Serletic
Music Videos: Disease | Bright Lights | Unwell

More Than You Think You Are was released on November 19th 2009 and was the third full Studio Album from Matchbox Twenty.

  1. Feel Lyrics
  2. Disease Lyrics
  3. Bright Lights Lyrics
  4. Unwell Lyrics
  5. Cold Lyrics
  6. All I Need Lyrics
  7. Hand Me Down Lyrics
  8. Could I Be You Lyrics
  9. Downfall Lyrics
  10. Soul Lyrics
  11. You’re So Real Lyrics
  12. The Difference Lyrics
  13. So Sad So Lonely Lyrics

Mad Season Album Cover

Matchbox Twenty Lyrics – Mad Season

Recorded in Atlanta & Nashville | Produced by Matt Serletic
Music Videos: If You’re Gone | Mad Season | Bent

Mad Season is Matchbox Twenty’s Second Studio album, released in May 2000. The Album was certified 4x Platinum in the USA in October 2001

  1. Angry Lyrics
  2. Black & White People Lyrics
  3. Crutch Lyrics
  4. Last Beautiful Girl Lyrics
  5. If You’re Gone Lyrics
  6. Mad Season Lyrics
  7. Rest Stop Lyrics
  8. The Burn Lyrics
  9. Bent Lyrics
  10. Bed Of Lies Lyrics
  11. Leave Lyrics
  12. Stop Lyrics
  13. You Wont Be Mine Lyrics

Yourself or Someone Like You Album Cover

Matchbox Twenty Lyrics – Yourself or Someone Like You

Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia | Produced by Matt Serletic
Music Videos: Real World | Long Day | 3 A.M | Push | Back 2 Good

Yourself or Someone Like You was Matchbox Twenty’s debut album, and has sold more than 15million copies worldwide. New Yorker Frank Torres, featured on the fron cover of the album tried to sue the band in 2005 claiming he never gave his permission for his photo to be used.

  1. Real World Lyrics
  2. Long Day Lyrics
  3. 3 A.M Lyrics
  4. Push Lyrics
  5. Girl Like That Lyrics
  6. Back 2 Good Lyrics
  7. Damn Lyrics
  8. Argue Lyrics
  9. Kody Lyrics
  10. Busted Lyrics
  11. Shame Lyrics
  12. Hang Lyrics