What does it mean; You’ve got Soul?


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Hang Out My Window

Hang Out My Window

I can already sense the anticipation as I can’t help but think of what Matchbox Twenty is dreaming up in the studio right now.  In fact, I can’t stop wondering about it.  So, as I do think about this I thought of the recent article on this site by Nick Rainmaker about Matchbox Twenty’s album More Than You Think You Are. It is truly a captivating Album song after song but for me Soul is one of its stand-outs.

Upon first listen, I am immediately transformed by the beautiful chords that hang out the window and have me viewing the outside all while I’m waiting for someone else to break you here from the inside.  Not only do you hear this but you can feel this as the song continues on where there’s always something tearing you apart. I love this ultimate transformation in the lyrics and the dramatic slide of the music which definitely hits me harder that I thought.   Culminating with a euphoric ending; But you don’t worry, you don’t worry, cause you’ve got soul.

For me, this means I can overcome.  Simple, yes, but I would never expect you to take my word for it.  So, I found these videos of this gloriously addictive song that I wanted to share with you .  As you listen, ponder individually if you’d like on what it means You’ve got Soul?  Let us know by comment how this amazing song makes you feel.

Matchbox Twenty Perform Soul at the Phillips Arena Live

Cover of Soul: Matt’s guitar concert

You’ve Got Soul by Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty Perform Soul – Chicago 2-1-08

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