When is the new matchbox twenty album coming out? And when are Matchbox twenty going on tour?


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So these i suspect are the question’s on each and every matchbox twenty and rob thomas fan’s lips. When will matchbox twenty release their new album? And When will matchbox twenty next be touring?

The simple answer at the moment is that there is no fixed timescale for either. The guys are taking this one in their stride and at a steady pace, they’ve already written a heap of songs which are already of a great standard, and are now going through the best songs on the new album, taking them out and trying to write something even better, this album is going to be a new matchbox twenty benchmark that’s for sure, and will mark a pivotal change in the winds for the band. Production on the new matchbox twenty album has been on hold for the last few months while Kyle Cook – Matchbox Twenty’s Guitarist played a string of US & European shows with 80’s Rocker John Waite.

The band will be playing various random dates across the states over the coming 6 months, but nothing concrete and it’s unlikely they’ll be playing much from the new album during this time. Although they have been previously known to play under the guise of “Catbox Honey” testing out new material for the road.

So yes, whilst early anticipation indicated that 2011 would be the year of matchbox twenty, in actual fact it seems far more likely that 2012 will be the year of matchbox twenty. Inside sources informed us that the new album will probably be ready at the earliest by the end of 2011, but more likely early 2012. This will then be followed by a world tour in 2012 – likely stops to include the United States, Australia & Europe.

So the short answer is at the moment no one knows exactly when it will happen, just that it is happening. And as a friend of mine recently put it, it’s been 4 years since the last one right, what’s a few more months matter.

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