Update from Rob Thomas


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hey guys! i’m sitting here in san fran, about to drive to san jose for the last day of my west coast radio promo. i wanted to thank everyone who came out to the shows and everyone who tried and couldn’t. sorry i couldn’t take care of everyone. matt beck and i have had a great time traveling around and playing for you guys. next week is the record release, so it’s going to be crazy busy, but in the best way. one thing, i just read a german interview that had some misquotes and i wanted to set the record straight. it said that mari thought HER DIAMONDS was “cheesy” and we fought all the time and that she hated MB20. well, DIAMONDS is her favorite song i’ve ever written. we don’t fight any more than any other couple (sometimes less so) and matchbox is her family as much as it is mine. there. record straightened. lots going on. thank you guys for making this so much fun. damn the man and RIP michael jackson.

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