Special Valentine’s Edition for Rob Thomas: Happy Birthday Rob!


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As we dream and decide what gifts we need to find for that special someone in our lives, fans like ourselves enjoy the happiness of knowing that, February 14th, is Rob’s birthday.

Rob Thomas on his Birthday - Valentines day 2011

Happy Birthday Rob!

He was born in 1972 on a U.S. military base in Landstuhl, Germany and the rest as we know is history. I want to share with you as a special birthday gift a poem I wrote about Rob.

I hope you feel that it embodies the person he is as well as the performer we’ve seen him to be through these years. I’m glad to be a fan! I’m happy that he has shared with us so much in his music and I can’t wait to see what’s around the bend.

Rob Thomas – 2010 birthday clip:

Rob Thomas – 2008 birthday clip:

This is for you, Rob

Wait – be prepared

to stop exactly on the spot

where I am

as the music starts


Rob’s strong voice

already listening

I start to feel

elevated ~

Then again as I watch

Rob’s performance

I’m reminded from

lines on his face

‘bright lights’ in his eyes

it’s his ever-pounding heart

what’s inside his blood

escaping from his soul

as he shares fragments

of himself

proving how much

this element called music

means to him in his life

willingly sharing

this kind fervor

with his fans

allowing them to feel

his elation ~


after all those

long days


it’s the fans

giving you


to keep creating

what you love


Thanks for the music

and here’s to even more!