She’s so Mean – Song Review!


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“Hey… and you want her… but she’s so mean…”

Matchbox Twenty - North Album Cover


Secretly, she’s the girl I wondered what it would be like in high school to be as confident and carefree as she seemed to be. Being able to come and go, be funny and pretty at the same time… but then there was that time she tripped me in the hall as I walked past her that one day? Anyone, remember her? Now, don’t get me wrong because I’ve not actually had a desire to mean or scratch records, as for putting my clothes all over the floor… oops, I may be guilty of this a few times but this isn’t the whole point of the song anyway. Or is it? Mysteriously, as having been the nice girl in my life (most of the time), I’m not catching the point to this song all the time. So, I’ll attempt to explain what I’m hearing instead. I love this catchy tune, Rob’s hot voice and the drums are simply amazing! I keep hearing the thud-thud-thud of those drums. This is definitely going to be a song that as I drive down the highway my fingers will be tapping that steering wheel thinking of how much fun I’m having! Plus, this song makes me want to move and dance around. It is energetic! Over the many times I’ve listened to it recently, She’s So Mean has been growing on me, sorry guys… I admit it wasn’t love for me the first time I heard it. But now I think I am noticing the lightheartedness meant behind this tune that it delightfully shares.


Now, as the song has been released, all that is left to see and hear what the fans are thinking about it. I admit observing your response is one of my favorite things to look out for. So, I’ll be reading on Twitter, Facebook, and your comments here to see how you like this song. As far as YouTube goes, there is a positive reply already because this song has musicians “covering” it and Matchbox Twenty even shared this singer, Austin Lang, on their Facebook page:

Bravo and well done for being featured on FB, Austin! I feel you displayed some great guitar work so keep it up.

Here are a few others that are not as well known, or at least not as many views, but just like this song, it’s fantastic to hear their take on this new MB20 song (and it feels good to write “new song!”):
Way to go and make it your own, Frontmen Gun!
FrontmenGun0901 Cover:

An acoustic treat and both blend beautifully together – a truly great duo!
RonnieSaras, The Matchbox Tribute Show, Sydney Australia Cover:

Find the “20” in the fun sounds of the Crowley Brothers:

Crisp and clear sound of SecondStreetSaints:

Let me know if I’ve missed any covers that you may have noticed.

A shout out to Matchbox Twenty ( and their word game to hear a selection of She’s So Mean. What a great way to get all of the fans involved to “earn” a listen with a bit of creativity. I learned I shouldn’t second guess myself in playing that word game because some lyrics I came up with but I didn’t post them were actually close to what the lyrics ended up being. Oh, well…next time maybe I won’t be so timid.
I hope everyone is enjoying listening and reminiscing about that one girl…

In the meantime, I can’t wait for the whole record and I’m sure to snatch it up quick! One reason is because I look forward to listening to that simple slow and soft ballad that I’m sure MB20 will present through song so tenderly. Until September, I know I’ll be having a blast listening to She’s So Mean a lot.
What do you hope to listen to in the upcoming album, NORTH?