Rob Thomas want’s to answer your questions!


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ROB wants to answer your questions! All you need to do is videotape your question and submit it. Selected questions will be used in an upcoming Rob Thomas DVD available with a version of cradlesong, and as a prize you will receive an autographed copy of the CD/DVD! Click here for full details!

  • Hi Rob!I`ve red you do a lot of charity works for homeless animals.I`m glad to hear that! I guess you`re the only star who really cares about them.
    You were more popular in 1999 when you collaborated with the famous musician Carlos Santana…Your hit “Smooth” has rocked the music world!!! Do you think to collaborate with Santana again? We`d like to hear such a mega-hit like “Smooth” again!
    P.S. I would be glad to see you in Azerbaijan! We`re very musical people and we appreciate really good I`d like to hear “Smooth” live on our stage. Good luck!