Rob Thomas Something to Be and CNN Interviews


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Rob Thomas Interview

Rob Thomas Interview

Many of you know a lot about Rob Thomas, perhaps even more than I do, yet like any other HUGE fan I also can’t enough which is brought to light in the Rob Thomas interviews below. So, I do want to continue writing my vision of what I feel about him and his band. What I’ve discovered lately is that I’m inspired not only through interactions with many of you on Twitter as Rob’s fans but I’m inspired by tweets from Rob and Matchbox Twenty as well. It’s exciting as on @officialMB20 they keep dropping hints toward the progression and song names for their upcoming album. Now, as is realized you can’t always take them seriously in their tweets so who knows if some of this information will stick but it’s cool anyway. Finding and watching interviews that have been done about different aspects of what MB20 and Rob has been up to in the music industry also inspires me. Looking back on how Rob produces a record, it starts as something within himself which is personal, and then it grows into so much more which then becomes an album. This is how Rob explains what happened when working on “Something to Be.” He used the people he felt comfortable with that had worked with him before which he tells us that their primarily responsible for a good foundation. I love Rob’s quote at the beginning of the interview: “The opportunity to fail miserably is the only way you can ever succeed.” One reason that Rob shines through and continues to catch attention, I believe, is because he’s not afraid to be personable and real. So much like in his song “Something To Be” which I feel exemplifies who he is as a person. Consider these interviews below and pay attention to how he expresses himself then comment on what you think:

Something to Be Interview:

CNN Rob Thomas interview

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