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Rob Thomas

Kick Starting a series of articles dedicated to each one of the Matchsticks and serving as my debut MB20 Plus piece; what follows is a dedication to the matchbox 20 front man and all round good guy: Rob Thomas.

Rob Thomas, was born on Valentines Day 1972 in West Germany (his Parent’s were serving in the U.S Army). Rob dropped out of school in the 12th Grade aged 17 and spent the next few years crashing on sofas and in the back of friend’s cars.

Rob is Married to Marison Thomas and the pair are devoted animal lovers, supporting many animal shelters and charities. Most notably Pets Alive and the Sidewalk Angels Foundation.

Rob was the principle songwriter behind Matchbox Twenty for both Yourself or Someone Like You and Mad Season, with a little more collaboration from the rest of the band for their third Studio Album “More than You Think You Are”.

Rob also had hugh writing success outside of Matchbox 20, writing for artists such a Mick Jagger and Willy Nelson, but nothing was more successful than his collaboration with Santana, penning the song Smooth, which became worldwide smash hit, and made Thomas a household name accross the globe.

Rob Thomas talks about Writing with Mick Jagger

Rob Thomas and Santana – Smooth Music Video

Following a MB20 2003 world tour, long time Matchbox 20 Rythmn Guitarist Adam Gaynor left the band and Matchbox 20 took a hiatus to focus on their own respective musical endeavours.

Rob Thomas - Something to be

Something to be

In 2005, Rob Thomas released his debut solo album “Something to Be”. Rob toured extensively off the back of the wildly successful Something to Be, visiting every corner of the planet playing to Matchbox 20 fans and a newly found crowd of Rob Thomas followers. With the launch of his own website, Rob embraced technology and began communicating with fans via twitter and other social media sites, offering a unique and not before seen insight into his world.

In 2007, Matchbox 20 reformed (minus Adam Gaynor) to pen 6 new tracks for release alongside a greatest hits album, of which followed a short lived world tour (short lived compared with previous matchbox 20 tours which had lasted years at a time).

With Matchbox 20’s future still uncertain, Rob Thomas went back to writing and later released his second studio album “Cradlesong”. Another smash hit for the Man, Rob toured the USA and Austrailia, this time failing to make it out to Europe.

Rob later returned to Matchbox 20 who have since returned back to the studio, to write what is to be the band’s 4th full studio album, but their first as a completely collaborative record. Keeping fans up to date with each development in real time as it’s happening. 2012 promises to be an exciting year for Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas fans alike, with the likely release of the album and the inevitable following world tour.

Rob Thomas Discography

Studio Albums

Year Album Details Peak Chart Positions Certifications
2005 …Something to be

Released April 5th 2005

Atlantic Records

1 2 1 11 10 13 14 19 19 19 64 US: Platinum

Can: Platinum

UK: Silver

Aus: 2x Platinum

2009 Cradlesong

Released June 30th 2009

Atlantic Records

3 8 3 75 40 17 56 Aus: Platinum

Extended Plays

Year Album Details Peak Chart Positions
2005 …Something More Released 2005, Atlantic Records
2010 Someday Released March 22nd 2010. Atlantic Records 91

Rob Thomas Singles

Year Single Peak Chart Positions Certifications Album
2003 A New York Christmas Non Album
2005 Lonely No More 6 1 1 6 1 11 3 9 16 24 24 US Gold Something to be
This Is How a Heart Breaks 52 25 3 41 67 13 24 US Gold
Ever the Same 68 4 2 33 29 34 US Gold
2006 Something to be 40
Streetcorner Symphony 62 4 5 37
2007 Little Wonders 58 11 5 56 22 20 20 40 13 Meet the Robinsons
2009 Her Diamonds 23 2 1 24 27 3 35 79 US Gold Cradlesong
Give me the Meltdown 106 89 41
Someday 59 4 1 30
2010 Mocking Bird 95 4 73 50

Pets Alive

Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol have been avid supports of Pets Alive for several years, donating their time and money to help support the sanctuary and save many animals. Pets Alive have attributed their continued ability to help animals in need to the support of Rob Thomas, Marison Thomas, Matchbox 20 and their fans.

Sidewalk Angels

Rob and Mari

Rob and Mari

Rob and Mari also established Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a non-profit charity aimed at helping people in need around cities in the USA. The foundation works with many charities to help give aid and assistence to people who are homeless, or lost or forgotten, as well as abandoned or abused animals. The name Sidewalk Angels comes from Rob’s charity single “A New York Christmas” which is re-released each year with the profits going to the foundation.

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