New ways to share and interact on Matchbox Twenty Plus!


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It’s cost me the majority of this weeks sleep but it’s finally working as it should be, a brand new, super sexy, all singing, all dancing, hyper-connected, lengen…. Wait for it …. Dary Comments System.

The new comments system is part of a focus of mine on allowing MB20 Fans on the site to interact in a more personable manor, as well as this you’ll also no doubt have spotted the new sharing panel – located at the top next to the author spotlight box.

So what does the new commenting system allow you to do?

* Login with your Twitter or Facebook accounts
* Reply and Respond to each others specific comments
* Real time posting and updating
* Full mobile compatibility
* Embed media images and videos right into your comments – think of all those videos you could share, you could even reply in video format!!!
* Simple community profiles of commenter’s – get to know each other better!
* The community box gives everyone a summary view of the activity and people participating on the site.
* You can rate what you like by liking pages or comments and then sharing that on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

I’m hoping this will bring a much needed aspect to the site in a creative and intuitive way – i look forward to chatting to you all on the site in the coming weeks!

Keep in touch! and why not try out the new comment system at the end of this post.. go on you’ll make me smile 🙂