New Matchbox Twenty Album Tracklist


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Matchbox Twenty Album

Last Beautiful Girl

Ok – I know that’s the CD single cover to Last Beautiful Girl, but it’s a great image and i’ve been looking for an excuse to use it… don’t question my logic :-p

So you’ve all no doubt been following the progress of the new matchbox 20 album, as it’s taking shape the matchbox gent’s have been keeping the twittersphere fully up to date with every twist and turn of their recording sessions. With the various tweets and twurps the boys have also let some brand new matchbox 20 song titles slip. Now this is in no way the official tracklist for the new matchbox twenty album, but this is a list of all the new songs the matchbox twenty boys have have mentioned during their various writing sessions:

1. Walking Around The Line

2. The Way

3. Lights

4. Radio

5. Overjoyed

6. Real Love

7. I Don’t Want to be Loved

8. Hollywood (From @now_I_m_awake)

9. Josephine (From @now_I_m_awake)

10. The End (From @kgirls_8)

11. English Town (NEW!)

12. I Don’t Wanna Wait (NEW!)

13. I Will (NEW!)

13. Don’t let the lights go down. (NEW!)

The band also tweeted on the album’s theme: “no theme yet. Well, actually, yes. Getting older.”

We’ll be keeping this post up to date as the list continues to grow, so watch this space 🙂 And please if you are aware of any more, leave a comment!!!!