MB20 Plus Followup: More Rob Thomas’ Collaborations


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Rob & Maroon 5 Performing Live

Rob & Maroon 5 Performing Live

Nick just wrote an incredible article about all of Rob Thomas’ collaborations through the years with his talent of songwriting. So many of those songs form part of a list of my very favorites! I appreciate this about Rob that he’s so comfortable with his talents that he is willing to share them with his musical colleagues and of course, all of us as his fans, in this process.

A common thread has been woven through all of this over time and not only in Rob’s incredible songwriting abilities but in his amazing caliber of performances as well. For me, this is a celebration of how far Rob has come in the music industry and his willingness to perform with so many others has proven his staying power. Many of these performances are “classic” Rob whom we have thankfully come to admire. So, here are few of his efforts with collaborations in his performances:

Rob Thomas performs with Maroon 5

Rob Thomas performs with Anna Nalick

Rob Thomas performs with INXS

Rob Thomas performs with Alicia Keys

Rob Thomas and Jewel perform Here Comes The Sun

Now, if I have missed any that you know about please let it be known.I f you’d like, leave us a comment on which is your favorite collaborative performance by Rob.