Matchbox Twenty going back into the Studio


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Matchbox Twenty - Brian Yale in the Studio

Brian Yale in the Studio

Reports are coming in thick and fast that matchbox twenty are heading back into the studio to finish their highly anticipated 5th studio album. The latest album comes after 2008’s Exile on Mainstream, the bands greatest hits and more album.

Rob Thomas has been off promoting his second solo album cradlesong for the last 18 months, but is now ready to get back into the studio with fellow matchbox twenty bandmates. The new matchbox twenty album likely to be released in 2011 will almost certainly be written jointly by Rob, Kyle, Paul and Brian and rumour has it the guys have already been putting material together for when they all get together in the studio.

Matchbox Twenty - Rob Thomas in the Studio

Rob Thomas in the Studio

This is fantastic news for fans who will no doubt be fired up ready to see matchbox twenty live for the first time since the Exile on Mainstream tour. UK people missed out on seeing Rob Thomas during his cradlesong, for some reason (probably monetry) he never came to this side of the pond – so this is really exciting news for all those waiting for news of a matchbox twenty uk tour

Will keep you posted on all the latest about the new matchbox twenty album for 2011!