Matchbox Twenty Plus Shortlisted in BTDMA People’s Choice Award for Best Fansite – THANK YOU!!!!


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Matchbox Twenty Fans, truly the greatest, most loyal people on the planet. Thanks to your contributions to this site and your votes over the past month, our site has been shortlisted in this years BT Digital Music Awards. We’re one of 6 potential winners in the best fansite category. I’ll be attending the awards ceremony this Thursday to see if we win. UK People you can catch the awards ceremony on Monday 3rd October at 10pm on ITV2.



Huge thanks to Nick (@nickrainmaker) Julie (@jflamingo2) and Nadine (@NYSFL) for their amazing contributions to the site. Also a huge thanks to Matchbox Twenty without whom this website would have no reason to exist and who retweeted about the awards for us.  A special thanks to Kyle Cook who has shown huge support to me and this website for many years now!

Guys i don’t know what to say, the news hasnt quite sunk in yet, i’m shaking.

Thanks you all so so much, i can’t wait to see where we will go from here! I’ll be tweeting to you all as much as i can on thursday night to let you know how things are going – so head over to twitter and follow us at @MB20PLUS.

More to follow soon once the news has sunk in!