Matchbox Twenty 2011 Tour – Will they come back to the UK


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MB20 Live Wembley Arena 2003

MB20 Live Wembley Arena 2003

With the announcement of the first 2011 matchbox twenty tour date, and the likely matchbox twenty world tour to follow, it seems like 2011 is going to be a matchbox twenty one.

Matchbox twenty have always been a fantastic live band, the Bright Lights music video was a testament to that celebrating over a decade of live performances and was followed by the Live DVD – Show, which even non-matchbox fans would be entertained by, the sheer energy alone is enough to keep one entertained and enthralled. Matchbox Twenty’s continued ability to sell out arenas and stadiums on multiple nights is as much attestation to the quality of their music as it is to the never faltering loyalty of their fans.

Matchbox Twenty are masters of their instruments, they perform songs effortlessly and with a passion that indicates the songs were freshly penned that morning, irrespective of the fact that many were written way back in the early 90’s, Thomas moves around the stage constantly, and enjoys regular chatter with his audience while Kyle and Pookie rock out together at every opportunity.

For UK Dwellers it’s always an uncertainty as to whether the band will return, its hard to understand how a band with over 44million record sales under their belt can still keep such a low profile over here. The worry is even more great this time around, as the UK was snubbed during Rob Thomas’ 2009 Cradlesong tour, and many fans here will be concerned that Atlantic might have taken us off the Matchbox Twenty tour roadmap for fear that costs might not be recovered. Certainly Matchbox Twenty can expect nothing less than a sell out turn out from the UK fans, we’ve always congregated on masse for a matchbox twenty gig, and there’s something homely about it – The same faces all glancing at each other and smiling with warm familiarity.

From another perspective I’ve always enjoyed that Matchbox have kept such a low profile over here, it meant the gigs were a little more personal, and a little more friendly – and there is nearly always a chance to meet the band quickly out the back of the venue. What do you guys think? How do you feel about matchbox twenty’s low profile in the UK? How did you feel about the lack of dates here in the UK for Rob’s Cradlesong tour?

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