Can’t wait to see Matchbox Twenty in 2012?! Here’s the Photos from 2007!


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Matchbox 20 - UK Tour 2007

Matchbox 20 - UK Tour 2007

Yo, Yo & Yo matchbox lovers!

If you’ve been following Twitter, you’ll know that the guys have been ramping up writting sessions for the new record and are offcially in the throws of recording!!!

Although the record will more than likely not be released until next year, it will of course be worth the wait. And so will the tour that will follow.

I’m guessing most of you will have seen the guys live and if you have, you’ll know what a great experience it is. All this talk on Twitter if the new record (along with Kyle awesome interview on Mix 94.1) has got me excited about the new record and the new tour.

So, I started looking back on some pics I took from a show I caught on the Exile tour a couple of years ago and decided to post them to get us in the mood for the new shows.

Take it easy and make sure you keep your eye on @StalkingKyle @ThisIsRobThomas, officialMB20 and @MB20Plus for news, pics and of course those all important tour updates!

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