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For some reason, perhaps because I was raised in the roaring ‘80’s when CD’s were just being created (Wikipedia), I still enjoy buying music CD’s.  So often I find myself browsing them in the store looking to see if they are still selling my favorites.  Somehow, I find comfort in that.  Even if I already own it, I like to see that it’s there, still waiting for the customer who will buy it and let the music into their life.  After all, I love what Rob Thomas & Matchbox20’s music has brought to my life.  Music is an amazing reality that is meant to be shared.

Rob Thomas Cradlesong

Rob Thomas Cradlesong

Yet, times are changing and the way people buy music has changed.  How do we gauge who is listening to what or who anymore?  It’s becoming more and more personal.  So, people become introduced to new music through recommendations whether through musical sites like Pandora or through the “good old-fashioned word of mouth” way.  Most of all, simply connecting to what we are listening to still makes all the difference for a unique musical experience that is craved over and over again.

This value, great music coupled with a popular connection, may be underestimated in creating our music to withstand the test of time.  More and more those who last in the music industry are the ones who realize this awareness.   I believe from interviews I’ve discovered of Rob and within his music including the lyrics that Rob creates he plans far beyond the scope of the music he shares.  He is intuitive to ideas around him in everyday occurrences and uses this to his advantage in order to help each of us relate to what is there remaining in the song itself.  To me, this is the mark of a classic song in keeping it realistic.

So, I thought it would be good idea to explore these many musical themes of the album “Cradlesong” itself.   The videos below have the evidence to help you ponder what I’m attempting to explain to you.  So, sit back, listen, and enjoy discovering through Rob’s own thoughts, his performance and an album review from of his second solo album “Cradlesong.”

Can you feel what this musical process means to him?  What does it mean to you?

Cradlesong Album Themes:

Cradlesong Review:

Cradlesong Acoustic ~ LIVE at China Club NYC 7/1/09 :

Musical Influences of Cradlesong:

Be sure to let me know what your favorite song in the “Cradlesong” album is in your comments below. Thanks!