Another update from Rob Thomas


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A Quick update from rob thomas taken from the official rob thomas website message boards. Below rob thomas talks about his new single and the up and coming cradlesong tour!

what’s up peeps? thanx so much for all the kind words on the new single. i can’t wait for you guys to hear the rest of the record. also, there’s another 12 songs or so that i’ll be releasing in different ways throughout the year. just so ya know, i’m going to be on THE TODAY SHOW on july 3rd and on THE VIEW & LETTERMAN on july 7th. i’m going to be at the songwriter’s hall of fame awards to present jason mraz with a starlight award. (very cool.) other than that, i’m doing a lot of radio promo here and europe and down under, so keep an eye out. IT’S ALL HAPPENING!! damn the man,

[src: Rob Thomas Official Website]