An update from Rob Thomas – Twitter, Website, Cradlesong Tour


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Rob Thomas talks about Twitter, His Website and His new Cradlesong Tour!

Rob Thomas talks about Twitter, His Website and His new Cradlesong Tour!

Here’s an update posted by Rob Thomas on his official website.

hey peeps! i’m having a rare night at home and actually getting to go to the open tomorrow to see some tennis. but, i’m back on tuesday to rehearse the band for the upcoming tour. i can’t explain to you how great everything sounds. we’re ready to play a show tomorrow! thanx for all the love so far, guys. it makes it all so great! we’re working hard to make sure that when you come to the show, it’s the best show you can remember. we can’t promise it will be, but i promise we’ll give 110%, and it will be ONE of the best shows you’ve ever seen. keep checkin in to the site and the twitter site to see what’s going on. (yeah, i just plugged my own shit. what’s happening to me?)

  • Hi Rob:

    A friend of mine got tickets for the borgata show for his two nieces that lost their mom in Septmenr 09 to cheer them up as a surprise for the Novermber show. I am just so happy that they are finally going to get to see the show tonight. Cause for a while it just seemed like it was never going to happen for them. I really hope that they have them time of their life tonight cause that will make his surprise wonderfull for them. Their mom had a heart attack in her sleep while she was on the couch and they were watching the eagles football game and had on idea that it was happening so they all felt that if they had known that they might have saved her. So give them the best show ever……..

  • I meant that they had no idea it was happening to their mom. They are in the 300 section. You sing the best songs.

  • They are his cousins I meant to say, and they are in row 13 of the 300 section.

  • Marianne Hartrick

    Hello Rob, Vanessa and respective band members

    Saw your show at Hope Estate, Hunter Valley, NSW along with a friend, my sister and neice in Feb. You were all a knockout and we hope to see you when you come out with Matchbox Twenty next year. Take care and have a great year. I extend my best wishes to you and your loved ones.

    Kind regards