Free Matchbox Twenty Poster – Competition to WIN a HUGH MB20 Poster.


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Matchbox Twenty Fans, have we got a treat for you today!

A Fellow Matchbox Twenty fan and poster enthusiast has just donated a HUGE matchbox twenty poster to us, and as fellow matchbox fans, we felt it only right to give everyone one a chance to win it – and try and raise a little awareness of our humble Matchbox Twenty site a little more 🙂

The poster was previously used on the London Underground and is around 45″ high and 29″ Wide… The poster was used to promote Matchbox Twenty’s 2003 ‘More Than You Think You Are’ Wembley Arena show. The poster is in good condition, a few minor scuffs around the edges, but it’s so big you would never notice!

Matchbox Twenty in 2003

Matchbox Twenty in 2003

How To Win

In Order to be in with a chance of winning this awesome poster, you’ll need to ensure you’ve completed the following steps.


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Post the following link to our site in as many places as you can find – in forums, myspace pages, websites, on your Facebook profile; anywhere you can!
Here’s the code you’ll need:
<p>Visit <a href=”” title=”matchbox twenty”>Matchbox Twenty</a> Plus for news, videos and <a href=”” title=”Matchbox Twenty Lyrics”>Matchbox Twenty Lyrics</a>, and your chance to win a Huge Matchbox Twenty Poster.</p>


Leave a comment on this post with the places you have posted the link to

Winners will be contacted via email or on twitter, the competition will run throughout February, The winner will be chosen at random. We welcome entries from all countries, if you win the poster will be sent via Royal Mail.

People entering from outside of the UK: If you win please be patient, your poster may take up to 60 days to arrive depending on postal services to your area.

We reserve the right to withdraw this competition at any time.